We are looking for global talent to share the vision of SAMWOO MCP Co., Ltd.
We are looking for talented individuals
who have diverse knowledge and have a balance
of sensitivity, humanity, pride, challenging spirit,
and global consciousness.

Passionate Samwoo people

  • A person who does not give in to any difficulties with an indomitable mental attitude toward the task assigned to them, overcomes them and handles them A person who maximizes performance based on deep insight and understanding of work

Considerate Samwoo people

  • A person who takes the lead in achieving common goals through rational thinking and cooperation A person full of humanity who thinks of others before myself in the organization and who knows how to be considerate

Creative Samwoo people

  • A person full of creative thoughts and an open mind who always learns and accepts new things without being complacent with reality An enterprising person who actively participates in and challenges to improve and overcome problems