SAMWOO MCP operates a technology laboratory that studies
various basic technologies, design and production technologies
related to the shipbuilding and marine equipment business.
Technology lab
SAMWOO MCP Corporate Research Institute was established in October 2007 and has been conducting research and development in connection with the LNGC CCS Membrane project.
Especially, we have conducted various experiments and application development to support the defect zero of quality.
Recently, in connection with the trend of eco-friendly energy conversion, we are conducting basic research on liquefied hydrogen storage and transportation facilities and projects such as LPG fuel utilization plan according to fuel conversion.
SAMWOO MCP is committed to providing the quality and best products that customers demand through continuous research and development in line with the low-carbon era.
Furthermore, a small scale of eco-friendly energy as a future growth engine and researching the development of systems and the automation of Smart Factory.
Zero Defect
For higher customer satisfaction, SAMWOO MCP is continuing endless research
with the aim of improving product and service quality under the motto of 'ZERO Defect'.