We specialize in producing and supplying all nonferrous parts used for
extremely low temperature cargo containment system of LNGC as
main means of transportation in the Eco-friendly energy transition era.
Ship Building
Metal Solution
For LNGC, two types of cargo containment system are mainly produced : MarkⅢ and NO96. SAMWOO MCP manufactures key parts of the cargo containment system of both models in state-of-the-art facilities and secure an exclusive position as a reliable partner through perfect quality control system.
We have been participating in the research and development stage for additional types under development and are actively participating in efforts to preoccupy the market and expand the market.
Moreover, in the industry where low carbon and eco-friendliness are emphasized, we are constantly striving for research and development to efficiently reduce costs and improve competitiveness.
Product & Solution
  • NO96
  • NO96 SUPER+
  • NEXT1
The Mark III membrane system is a containment and insulation system, directly supported by the vessel’s hull structure. It is composed of a primary corrugated stainless steel membrane, positioned on top of prefabricated insulation panels, including a complete secondary membrane made of composite material.
This modular system employs standard prefabricated components that can accommodate any shapes and capacities of tanks. They are designed for mass production techniques and easy assembly.
The primary and secondary membranes are made of Invar, a 36% nickel-steel alloy, 0.7mm thick. The primary membrane contains the LNG cargo, while the secondary membrane, identical to the primary, ensures a 100% redundancy in case of leakage. Each of the 500mm wide Invar strakes is continuously spread along the tank walls and is evenly supported by the primary and the secondary insulation layers.
With the approval of GTT, SAMWOO MCP manufactures and supplies all metal joint parts (e.g., coupler) for a cargo containment system.
In the case of the newly developed NO96 Super+ type of GTT, SAMWOO MCP joined the research and development project at the beginning and contributed to determining product specifications.
NEXT1 type
The NEXT 1 membrane system, a new type of LNGC CCS under development, is made up of a fully redundant membrane and insulating system, directly supported by the ship’s inner hull. It includes two independent metallic membranes, both supported by a layer of insulating material.
The primary barrier, directly in contact with the cargo, is a corrugated stainless steel membrane, adapted from GTT’s Mark technologies, whereas the secondary barrier, achieving full redundancy of the tightness function, is a Fe-36% Ni alloy membrane. With the approval of GTT, SAMWOO MCP will manufacture and supply all metal joint parts for a cargo containment system.
Mark III Specification
Specification MarkⅢ MarkⅢ Flex MarkⅢ Flex+
Boil-off Rate (BOR)*
(170K m³ vessel)
From 0.15 to 0.125% From 0.10 to 0.085% 0.07%
Date to market 1969 (Mark I concept) 2011 2017
Insulation Foam 130kg / m³
Membranes Primary : Stainless steel 304L - 1.2 mm
Secondary : composite material
Support Primary and secondary panel : foam and plywood
Thickness Primary +
Secondary panel
270 mm = 100 + 170 400 mm = 100 + 300 480 mm = 100 + 380
* BOR is project dependent due to vessel size, tank arrangement and reinforcements.
NO96 Specification
Specification NO96 Perlite NO96 GW NO96 L03 NO96 L03+
(170K m³ vessel)
0.15% 0.125% 0.11% 0.10%
Main insulating material Perlite Glass-wool Glass-wool and foam 130kg/m³
Membranes Invar® 0.7 mm
Support Boxes with bulkheads : plywood Boxes primary and top
bulkheads : plywood

Panels lower
foam & plywood
Boxes with bulkheads :

Panels :
foam & plywood
Thickness 530 mm (primary box : 230 mm + secondary box : 300 mm)
* BOR is project dependent due to vessel size, tank arrangement and reinforcements.